open for commissions

ordering commissions:

send orders and any questions to (or through dm on the site you follow me on)

PWYW: all orders are Pay What You Want starting from $20 CAD. below are general guides to the level of detail you can expect for a price range. generally, headshots, less color, and rougher styles will be less, while cleaner line art, fuller background illustrations, action scenes, multiple characters, will be more.

ordering: send an email or dm with a description of what you'd like and any reference or inspiration photos. i'm happy to get as many as you'd like to send. please let me know how realistic or cartoony you would like the style, or point out a specific drawing of mine to indicate the style you'd like, or if you want to leave it to my choice. i can work in limited color, full color, no color line art, black+white/grayscale, or only one or two highlight colors.

paying: i will let you know if i need any more details or if i am booked up. once we are all set, i will send a paypal invoice and an estimated time of delivery. once you pay the invoice, you can expect your work in usually anywhere from 1-3 days for smaller pieces, up to 2-3 weeks for detailed paintings. if i am booked up, you can ask to be waitlisted.

processing: if you are getting a larger piece (approx $60 or more) i will ask if you'd like a progress update and chance for revisions halfway through the piece. exception: all pieces based on real people can get revisions for body shape, skin color, hair style, or mobility aid accuracy if you feel they are not appropriate/acccurate.

using: use, post, and remix wherever, credit appreciated where appropriate. do not resell or reprint for sale without permission. i reserve the right to reuse your commission for promotion.

~ $20-30 ~

~ $35-50 ~

~ $55-70 ~

~ $75-95 ~

~ $100+ ~

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